SOOCAS Neos | 2-in-1 Brushing & Flossing Electric Toothbrush
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Revolutionary 2-in-1 Design

By combining flossing and brushing into one device Soocas Neos covers more areas and reaches more places compared to traditional electric toothbrushes.


The levitation motor and the hollow-shaft motor combine to deliver 30.000 vibrations per minute while the hollow-shaft motor also allows the water to flow for effective flossing. Soocas Neos is the only dental care product with the ability to clean the surface of teeth, the gaps between teeth, and the gum lines.

TriSync Structure

  • Neos uses the latest TriSync structure with a FlowPulse Pump, MagVortex, and CompClean Brush Head.
  • The FlowPulse Pump creates pulsed water flows through the MagVortex for flossing.

Incredible Cleaning Capabilities

  • 40X more plaque removal
  • 10X increase in dental gap cleaning
  • 2X more-efficient whitening

CompClean Brush Head

This unique and patented brushing and flossing toothbrush cleans a wide area of your mouth. The bristles clean the exposed surface of each tooth, while the flossing function reaches the gaps between teeth and the gum line to provide deep cleaning to a 40% larger area than other toothbrushes.

30-Day Battery Life

The high-quality 2.600mAh lithium battery lasts for up to30 day-that's twice as long as other electric toothbrushes.

2 Modes and 3 Intensity Levels

  • 2 Modes: Deep Clean and Quick Clean
  • 3 Intensity Levels: Gentle, Standard, and Strong

Dual-Opening Water Tankwith Detachable Covers

Water can be refilled through the top opening while both the top and bottom covers can be removed for cleaning.

37 Patents and 100 Rigorous Tests

Soocas Neos has over 35 patents worldwide, and each toothbrush goes through 100 rigorous product tests to ensure quality performance, functionality, and reliability. The patented copper-free bristle planting technology increases safety to take care of your oral health.

Deep Clean

In deep clean mode, brush for 75s first to remove dental surface, then flossing will begin following a smart 3s vibrational reminder.

Quick Clean

Quick clean mode simultaneously brushes and flosses, allowing you to get a powerful clean in a short time, perfect for freshening up after meals.

Storage Bag

The waterproof storage bag makes packing easy


Traditional electric toothbrushes can only brush teeth, but Neos uses an innovative cleaning method. In addition to the regular brushing function of an electric toothbrush, it can also floss while brushing, effectively cleaning areas that are difficult to reach during daily brushing, such as the gaps between teeth and the gumline.

The flossing time of Neos varies depending on the chosen intensity level:
- Gentle Mode: Flossing time is approximately 50 seconds.
- Standard Mode: Flossing time is approximately 40 seconds.
- Strong Mode: Flossing time is approximately 30 seconds.

Traditional continuous pulse water flossers deliver a stronger pulsating force, which can be more irritating to the gums, even under the same water pressure.

Neos uses a continuous pinpoint water delivery method, providing a gentler water stream. This ensures effective cleaning while minimizing irritation to the gums. This continuous, precise water jet also enhances cleaning accuracy.

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