SOOCAS is confident that you will be satisfied with your recent purchase from us. However, we are happy to provide any assistance if you have any problems with it.

Standard return policy

We undertake maximum effort to design and manufacture products to meet your needs, thus, we are confident that you will love the products from SOOCAS. However, we do understand that, occasionally, you may have different expectations of the product, and although it is highly unlikely that this will occur, if it does, please request a return within 30 natural days from the date of delivery of the product, and please be aware of the following terms and conditions related to product returns, exchanges, etc. in advance.

Return conditions

The returned goods must be purchased on the official websites: (hereinafter referred to as "SOOCAS official website"). Goods purchased in any offline store or via other channels are not subject to the return service of these rules and conditions.

Returned goods must maintain the original unused packaging, as well as the original quality, and function, and will not affect secondary sales. Please include the complete tags, accessories, instructions, gifts, and any packaging materials and accessories delivered with the order at the time of purchase.

  1. The seller shall not accept the return of goods under any of the following circumstances:
    1. The incomplete packaging of returned goods. ;
    2. the returned goods are damaged, missing, used, soiled, lost, and the accessories are incomplete.
    3. the labels, accessories, product identification, instructions, invoices (if any) of the returned goods, and the packaging materials and accessories delivered with the order at the time of purchase are incomplete. If the gift (including the gift item, points, vouchers, coupons, etc.) cannot be returned together, you must pay the total price of the gift item, otherwise Soocas reserves the right not to return the product.
  2. When returning the package, please ensure that the goods are maintained in the original package in a tight and proper manner. If the goods are damaged or lost during the return shipment, Soocas shall not assume any responsibility. Please understand.
  3. The returned goods must be returned to the Seller in on-time delivery. If the returned goods of a single order are sent back in several separate deliveries, SOOCAS is entitled to refuse to accept them and reject the return.
  4. Party responsible for the return and replacement freight:
    1. In case of quality problems, incorrect goods, or lack of accessories, the return and replacement freight shall be borne by us. Please contact online customer service or our customer service team via first for consultation.
    2. If the Customer subjectively dislikes the goods, or the color of the goods is inappropriate, the return and replacement freight shall be borne by the Customer.

If all the above-mentioned conditions are met, we will refund the price amount of returned goods; However, please be informed that the expedited delivery fee will not be refunded. If the returned goods fail to meet all the above-mentioned return conditions, we will not refund any payment for goods, however, you are entitled to require the goods to be returned to you within thirty (30) days after being notified that you are not entitled to a refund of the payment for goods. The express delivery fee shall be borne by yourself, and the goods shall be returned as received by the logistics agency of the service provider. Unless you specify otherwise, we will return the item(s) to you at the address you provided when you declined the return, and we shall not be liable for any damage or loss incurred in the delivery of the item(s).

Return Process

  1. If you need to return the goods within 30 days after the date you signed for the goods, please contact the online customer service or our customer service team via first support@soocas.comfor consultation and provide the order number, return reason, product photos, and other information for review.
  2. Customer service will contact you within 1-3 working days to inform the result of your return request.
  3. After your request is approved, please return the goods, as well as all related items meeting the return conditions by express delivery within 3 days in a manner to ensure that the goods will not be damaged. At the same time, ensure to confirm the complete original delivery list, invoice (if any) and that all other relevant items are in the package.
  4. After receiving the goods at the warehouse, we will check according to the above-mentioned "return conditions" to ensure that each returned item meets the conditions. If the returned goods meet the conditions, we will return the agreed amount (in principle, the price actually paid when purchasing the goods, deducting the necessary fees (if any)) to your original payment account.
  5. After SOOCAS warehouse receives the returned goods and confirms that the goods meet all the return conditions, you will receive a customer service notice stating that the returned goods have been received and actually meet the return conditions. Regardless of the payment method you use (PayPal, master card, UnionPay, etc.), the refund process will initiate within 7 working days after SOOCAS understands that you have decided to exercise the right to return the purchased goods, and after SOOCAS has confirmed that the goods meet all the return conditions.
  6. Refund Timeline: The refund amount will be returned via the original purchase method. If you used a credit card/debit card for the purchase, it may take 3 to 7 business days for the refund to process. The actual processing time depends on your bank’s transaction policy and refund processes. For any additional information regarding the refund amount, please contact your bank. 

Replacement service

You may also decide to request an exchange (either with the Return Service above) subject to the same conditions and procedure as the Return Service above; however, the exchange is limited to the same item as the original item sold (which may be a different color), and the number of exchanges is limited to one.

Order cancellation/ refund before delivery

SOOCAS may cancel your order before delivery. In this case, SOOCAS will refund the amount of the canceled goods as soon as possible. Cancellation of orders may occur under a variety of circumstances, including, however, not limited to:

  • The ordered goods are out of stock;
  • The order item or other information related to the order is incorrect.

If SOOCAS has reasonable grounds to suspect that the funds for the transaction to which the order relates have been obtained from an unlawful source or that the transaction in question is otherwise unusual or illegal or that any circumstances require cancellation by a competent authority.

Customers order amendments and cancellation

You can contact online the customer service or our customer service team 72 hours before the order is delivered via to amend or cancel the order.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact the online customer service or our customer service via for consultation. (service hours: 6:30pm-4:00am PST)

Please carefully read the terms and conditions contained in these General Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, please do not perform payment for your order.

SOOCAS is entitled to occasionally amend these terms and conditions of this activity by posting a notice on this website without notifying you separately. . The amended detailed terms and conditions will take effect automatically as soon as they are announced in the above-mentioned manner. If you do not agree to the relevant changes, please immediately cease to use the SOOCAS official website or SOOCAS Amazon store to order the related products and use the related services; if you continue to use the above-mentioned services, this shall indicate your acceptance of the amended terms and conditions.