High-Speed Hair Dryer

Not just about drying, more about nourishing.

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Soocas Neos

Capable of completly cleaning thesurface of teeth, the gaps of teeth,even the gun lines, with the gumprotected.


The combination of the levitation motor and the hollow-shaft motor ensures high-frequency vibration of 30,000 pe minute for cleaning while the hallow-shaft motor allows the water to flow through to floss. This product is the newest dental care product with the capability of cleaning the teeth surface, the gaps between the teeth, and the gum lines.

FlowPulse Pump

The newest FlowPulse pump combines with the chip to deliver a pulsed water flow to precisely target gaps and gum lines without irritation. The smart pressure maintenance system also ensures that consistent water flow can reach 80 PSI to 100 PSI even under low pressure to ensure a safe and comfortable flossing experience.