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What are the components of an electric toothbrush?

What are the components of an electric toothbrush?


With the increasing popularity of electric toothbrushes, have you ever wondered what are the main components of your electric toothbrush?

Components of sonic electric toothbrushes

Sonic electric toothbrushes can be divided into three main components: brush head, body, and the charging port. Read on to get insights on each of these components.
Brush head
Sonic electric toothbrush brush head consists of bristles, brush head, and bristle holders. Out of these three parts, bristles are the ones we need to pay attention to. One key standard to determine the quality of the bristles is the percentage of its roundings. Roundings refer to how rounded the bristle tips are. Higher rounding leads to better quality brush heads. According to regulations, adult toothbrushes must have a rounding of no less than 60%, while kids' toothbrushes must have a rounding of no less than 70%.
Sometimes when you have to stay at hotels and use the provided toothbrushes, you might experience discomfort or gum bleeding. This could possibly be caused by the below-standard rounding at the bristle tips.
Below is an image of bristles with rounded tips and sharp tips.
High-quality brush heads positively correlate with how strictly bristle rounding has been enforced. One of the best electric toothbrushes, SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush has a bristle tip rounding of nearly 100%. In addition, the bristles are implanted without any metal or copper to avoid the dissolution of metal during your everyday brushing routine.
Toothbrush body
The body consists of a lithium battery, motor, control panel, and battery. Since electric toothbrush is often used near water, it is crucial to enforce a strict waterproof standard. The toothbrush often uses silicone and uses pressure to seal and then tested for IPX7 waterproof rating. IPX7 waterproof testing is conducted in a large container with water and let the product submerge in water under one meter for at least thirty minutes. If the product can function properly after being submerged in water, and the interior has no water, then it can be labeled as IPX7 waterproof. SOOCAS electric toothbrushes are all IPX7 rated, hence, they are all waterproof electric toothbrushes.
Vibration is the main way an electric toothbrush functions, so the motor is often a levitation motor that vibrates back and forth to ensure a vibrating frequency of 30,000 per minute. However, we still call it a sonic electric toothbrush since the noise range is between 20~20,000Hz. Any noise within this range can be considered sonic and anything beyond this range is ultrasound.
The battery of the toothbrush is made of lithium battery. The measurement unit of the battery is mAh or milliamps per hour. The greater the mAh, the greater the storage capability. SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush is 1,000 mAh and it can be used for an hour. However, if used under the sensitive mode, it can be used for 30 days.
Charging port
The charging port has different forms. The main ones are wireless and traditional USB-C ports. Wireless charging is based on creating a magnetic field that your device absorbs to gain energy. When you place the toothbrush on a wireless charging port, a small coil in the device receives and gains power from the magnetic field and uses this power to charge the battery. USB-C charging is the exact same as charging your phone, just plug the charging port on the toothbrush for convenient charging. SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush uses USB-C charging for easy and accessible charging.


After gaining all these insights on the key components of an electric toothbrush, you may be curious to receive some recommendations. We recommend SOOCAS X3U Sonic Electric Toothbrush and here is a real customer feedback to show you why our recommendation works.
" This electric toothbrush's bristles are nearly 100% rounded and very soft. When you brush your teeth, it will not damage your gum or teeth.
In addition, when you turn the toothbrush on, the vibration is very consistent and the excellent bristle implant technology maintains an 18.5-degree angle for bristles so that it is easy to reach tricky gaps while brushing.
The bottom of the toothbrush has a USB-C charging port. One thing to remember is to be sure to seal the port tightly while using it to avoid water getting in.
In terms of noise. It is acceptable to me. It makes around 63.7Hz on average between the four modes. I tested using the daily cleaning mode.
One really cool feature of SOOCAS is that the first five seconds of you turning on the toothbrush, the vibration gets stronger gradually so you have some time to get used to it and to prevent making any mess."
If you are interested in this product, be sure to get on and start taking care of your teeth the right way!

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