Soocas W3 Pro Cordless Portable Water Flosser
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7 Cleaning Solutions

3 cleaning modes (Standard, Pulse, Gum Care). Among Standard and Gum Care, each have 3 levels of strength, making a total of unique 7 combinations.

Patented Pulse Tech

Patented pulse technology for easier handling and more precise spot flossing.

Pusleboost Tech and Intelligent Water Pressure Control System

Strong water pressure of 120PSI with PulseBoost for deep cleaning. Intelligent water pressure control system for better consistency to protect the gums.

90s+ Seconds of Water Capacity

Large capacity of 8 ounces to support 90 seconds of constant flossing (standard mode + gum care nozzle+ low-intensity mode).

360° Rotational Nozzle

360 rotational nozzle for well-rounded cleaning, cleaning blind zone no hidding.

High-frequency pulse with Concentrated Water Flow

High-frequency pulse of 1,300 per minute effectively reduces plaque. 0.66mm focused water flow precisely cleans blind spots.

4 Unique Nozzles

4 Specialized Nozzles: Standard, Gum Care, Pulse, and Tongue Scraper address different oral health needs.

80 Days of Duration

4-hour charge for 80 days of duration, based on using gentle mode once a day for one minute.

FDA Verified Abs Material

Food-grade materials that meet U.S. FDA standards with peace of mind


Yes, there are a total of 7 solutions for your oral care needs, including pulse, standard and gum care modes. In the latter two modes, there are 3 strength levels each for a personalized experience.

The tank of this floss can store up to 8.1 ounces of water, more than other floss tanks. It is also removable, so you can clean it in time.

No, this water tank has a leak-proof and tightly sealed tank opening.