Soocas Neos II 2-In-1 electric toothbrush with water flosser
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Ultra-Mini Design

Spark is only 1/2 and 1/3 of the weightof Soocas X3U (8.97 inches in length, 0.13 poundsin weight), similar in size to a manual toothbrush.and small enough to fit perfectly in your handbagor pocket.

2 hours for 40 days of usage

Paired with an energy-effective lithium-ionbattery to last up to 40 days with 2 hours (based onusing gentle mode for 2 mins twice, daily) of chargewhile regular electric toothbrushes only last for 14 days.And the universal USB-C charging port makes charging convenient. You can use laptops or power banks to charge your toothbrush.

IPX8 Waterproof

IPX8 is the highest waterproof rating in theindustry for extra durability. Brush anywherewithout fear, water is no longer your electric toothbrush's worst enemy.

Travel Case

Spark comes with a compact travel case that isspecially designed to be smaller compares toother travel cases to make traveling easier.

Sonic Nano Motor

Unlike ordinary electric toothbrushes, Spark's Nano Motor delivers 5 times more power efficiency. Compared to manual toothbrushes, Spark canclean 5X the plaque for better teeth.

Concentrated Load Forcefor Less Energy Loss

The newly improved motor shaft can precisely deliver 80%of the energy from the motor to the tip of every bristlewithout any signifcant loss in energy.

Professional Toothbrush head

High-quality DuPont 612 brilliance bristles are soft yet sturdy to gentlyclean without irritating sensitive gum lines. In combination with the 18.5°bristle movement, Spark's bristles are designed to effectively clean teethfreshen breath, and remove plaque.

Active Noise Cancellation

An active noise cancellation chip has been placed to lower the noise to as low as 55 dB. It gets irritating while brushing to have loud noises near the ears not to mention the long-term negative damage it could have to the hearings, so we strived to be mindful of not just people's oral health, but their overall well-being bytaking precautions to protect their hearing.

Futuristic Aesthetics from the Universe

  • Spark's inspiration was taken from a futuristic aspect of the universe and has been portrayed through advanced technology.
  • The sleek aluminum handle is designed with smooth lines, inspired from space shuttle boostersThis material not only catches the eye and bringsa new expression to the appearance of the toothbrush.


Tests confirm that under objective and reasonable conditions, we can effectively achieve a 5X reduction in dental plaque. However, everyone's oral and dental conditions are different, so the actual results may vary from person to person. Spark uses a high-performance magnetic levitation motor that delivers strong power without compromising stability. It now also comes with dynamic adaptive technology to effectively clean residue in crevices and brighten the surface of teeth.

Spark uses a USB-C charging port.

When the battery indicator light starts flashing red, it means the battery is critically low, and you should charge the toothbrush as soon as possible.

When you charge the toothbrush:

If the battery level is less than 80%, the battery indicator light will flash red.
When the battery is charged to 80%, the battery indicator light will flash green.
When fully charged, the battery indicator light will stay solid green.

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