Maglev Acoustic Motor Technology

The technology used in Soocas Sonic toothbrush is maglev acoustic motor technology. Magnetic suspension vibration is based on the electromagnetic vibration booster as the vibration source. After the magnetic suspension acoustic motor is energized, the electromagnetic device forms a magnetic field, which is then transmitted to the brush head through the transmission shaft. Because this vibration principle does not produce mechanical friction in the motor interior, and the noise is small, the stability is relatively strong, the output power is large. It produces sound waves with a frequency of up to 39,000 times per minute.

Omnidirectional Floating Shaving Technique

Soocas developed the third generation of all-directional Floating razor Technology called Infinity Floating Technology (IFT-All-directional suspension Floating Technology). On the basis of local float and 360° all-directional float, the shock absorption float is suspended up and down by the knife head, which greatly reduces the facial pressure and makes the shaving process smoother.

Patented Wind Network Design

Soocas patented cone-shaped guide structure dramatically reduces air outlet resistance, blowing out diffused high-speed airflow and quickly blowing away moisture on hair surface.