This warranty policy is applicable to the customers of or individual purchasers. SOOCAS guarantees that the products of SOOCAS brand will be free of defects in materials and processes within the following period of time (from the initial date of purchase of the products by the end-user) ("warranty period") when they are normally used in accordance with the guidelines published by SOOCAS.

Please note that by using SOOCAS products, each purchaser agrees to be bound by the warranty terms indicated below. If you have any concerns related to the warranty, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

All quality-related defects of goods sold directly by SOOCAS official website: are covered by this warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase. The SOOCAS limited warranty only applies in the country/region of purchase (place of purchase). The limited warranty does not apply in the case of goods originally purchased abroad or shipped directly from the authorized online store.

In the case of warranty claims related to quality, if any, the products shall be replaced with products of the same model and of the same value, otherwise, a new product shall be shipped. If the replacement is not feasible or not selected by yourself, SOOCAS will provide a refund option according to your preference. The warranty period of all replaced equipment is the same as that of the original defective product, or three months following the replacement, whichever is longer. The product warranty does not apply after a full refund.


  1. The Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase.
  2. SOOCAS must document the buyer's troubleshooting of the product.
  3. The serial number of the defective item and/ora verifiable description of the defect is required.
  4. The items may need to be returned for quality inspection.
  5. In the case of defective items to be returned by SOOCAS, if the wrong item is returned to SOOCAS or the defective item is not returned, the warranty shall not be valid for these replacement items.

Valid purchase voucher:

  1. The order number of online purchases via the SOOCAS official website:
  2. Sales invoice (if any).
  3. Please note that, in certain cases, multiple types of proof of purchase may be required to process a warranty claim (e.g., receipt of a transfer and confirmation that the item was shipped to the address of the original order).

The warranty for product defects expires 30 days after the warranty claim is issued. No warranty claim can be processed for items for which the original warranty period or the 30-day warranty claim request period has expired, whichever is longer.

The freight must be borne by the buyer under the following circumstances:

  1. Warranty claims for items beyond the country or region of original purchase.
  2. The unexpected return of purchased goods.
  3. Returned items that are claimed to be defective are found to be in working condition by SOOCAS’ quality control (Not eligible for the 30-day refund policy).
  4. Return of defective items in international transportation.
  5. Fees related to unauthorized returns (any returns beyond the approved warranty process).

Not covered by SOOCAS’ limited warranty:

  1. The product is not adequately supported by proof of purchase.
  2. The product is lost or stolen.
  3. Items for which the warranty period has expired.
  4. Problems not related to quality (after the 30-day refund period).
  5. Free products.
  6. Maintenance is performedby any third party.
  7. Damage due to external sources.
  8. Damage caused by product abuse (including, however, not limited to: falling, extreme temperatures, water, and improperequipment operation).
  9. Purchase from an unauthorized dealer.

When returning items with prepaid transportation labels provided by SOOCAS, SOOCAS shall assume responsibility for any damage or loss caused during transportation.

SOOCAS has been made aware of the fact that unauthorized products claimed to be sold by unauthorized dealers were being distributed. Unauthorized Products are any Products purchased or licensed directly or indirectly from any source other than SOOCAS' online store, which sources will be identified by SOOCAS officials during the verification and validation process.

Please note that SOOCAS is not responsible for any failure or damage that may occur to unauthorized products. Products purchased beyond the official sales channels of SOOCAS are not guaranteed by SOOCAS. SOOCAS has fully authorized certified dealers to handle the return and replacement of SOOCAS products. If you purchase goods from authorized dealers, please contact them directly for more convenient and faster return and exchange services.

SOOCAS is currently taking active legal measures to remove unauthorized products and unauthorized dealers from the market. We sincerely hope that our customers take additional precautions when purchasing our products, and do not confuse SOOCAS products with unauthorized products. We, therefore, urge customers to only purchase SOOCAS products directly from SOOCAS or via authorized SOOCAS distributors, to avoid purchasing unauthorized products. If you have any questions, please contact the online customer service or our customer service via team for consultation.

When a warranty service or return is applied for, the current owner must provide:

  1. Sufficient evidence of the original purchase via the SOOCAS sales channel (order number of the SOOCAS official website).
  2. The original buyer´s purchase voucher.
  3. Verifiable evidence describing the defect is required.
  4. The items may need to be returned for quality inspection.
  5. In the case of defective items required to be returned by SOOCAS, if the incorrect item is returned to SOOCAS or the defective item is not returned, the warranty on these replacement parts shall be void.

If you have any questions related to the above warranty policy, please contact the online customer service or contact our customer service team via