How to properly use an electric toothbrush?

How to properly use an electric toothbrush?

Point 1: Benefits of using an electric toothbrush

  1. Effectively clean plaque.
    Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes, based on scientific research. Electric toothbrushes not only can clean plaque, reduce inflammation, and help prevent gum bleeding and other oral diseases, but it is also one of the top choices in taking care of the personal routine for many people.
  1. Better cleaning capabilities.
    Using either high-frequency rotation or vibration, electric toothbrushes can transform the toothpaste into foam in less time to activate the ingredients necessary to clean food residue and prevent plaque. In addition, electric toothbrushes can reach those spots that would otherwise be difficult to reach with manual toothbrushes.
  1. Increased cleaning efficiency.
    When using a manual toothbrush, in order to achieve a thorough result, it could take as much as 10 minutes. However, most people only brush for 2-3 minutes. As time progresses, this leads to plaque build-up due to improper cleaning. With an electric toothbrush, it only takes 2 minutes to achieve a thorough result.
  1. Reduce brushing damages to the teeth.
    While using manual toothbrushes, we don't have a way to understand if we are oversupplying pressure, which leads to irreversible harm to our teeth. Based on scientific research, using electric toothbrushes helps greatly with pressure control and could reduce as much as 60% of potential harms.
  1. Massage function.
    The vibrations from the electric toothbrushes simultaneously massage gums and muscles for better blood circulation.

Point 2: Proper ways of using an electric toothbrush

  1. Correct installation of brush heads. Please make sure that the brush head is connected with the toothbrush body tightly, so that it is not loose.
  1. Before using the SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush, it is highly recommended to soak the bristles in warm water to adjust the softness of the bristles. If you use room temperature water instead of warm water, it may not achieve the most desirable result and does not help with softness adjustments. If you have sensitive gums or teeth, please use corresponding sensitive brush heads.
  1. When applying toothpaste onto the toothbrush. To prevent causing any mess, please apply an appropriate amount at the center of the brush head.
  1. Although you don't need to worry about perfecting any brushing techniques while using SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush, it is still good to understand the most effective way of brushing. Place the toothbrush on your front teeth and gently brush. Once there's foam forming, turn on the toothbrush and set it to your preferred vibration setting. Starting from the front teeth, move slowly and thoroughly to the back. It is recommended to divide your mouth into four sections and clean each section for around 30 seconds in order to thoroughly clean all the areas within 2 minutes.
  1. If your electric toothbrush comes with a tongue scraper, please do take advantage of it. SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush includes tongue scrapers for you to clean your tongue for better oral health.
  1. SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush is easy to clean just as it is easy to use. When you are done using it, place the brush head into the water and turn it on. Gently swirl in the water to clean any residue on the bristles.

Point 3: Precautions for using an electric toothbrush

  1. When using a manual toothbrush, there are a lot of spots such as the back of teeth and gums. When using an electric toothbrush, these areas will be thoroughly cleaned as you have just received a cleaning service at the dentist. Just a heads up that there could be slight gum bleeding. Please keep using the product, the gum bleeding will be gone after a few more usages.
  1. Most people are accustomed to using traditional manual toothbrushes. Please give electric toothbrushes some time for adjustment to get used to them.
  1. It is a myth that the more pressure you apply while brushing, the cleaner results you are getting. If you are overapplying with pressure, as time progresses, the teeth and the enamel will be damaged. Just let the electric toothbrushes do its job and do not over-apply any unnecessary pressure to ensure a good brushing experience.
  1. Please ensure brushing for at least 2 minutes to ensure full coverage of all the areas. Some areas often ignored by people are the spots under the tongue.
  1. Please replace the brush heads every 3 months to prevent using deformed bristles and causing any harm to your teeth. It has been scientifically proven that new brush heads can clean 30% more plaque compared to an older brush head.

Point 4: Recommendations

After all these helpful hacks for using electric toothbrushes, are you interested in getting one? We recommend SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush and here is a review from a real customer to give you some insight into this product.
"SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush is small and portable but it is very powerful with the build-in levitation motor. The vibrational frequency can reach as much as 39,600 per minute and the bristles are at a convenient angle of 18.5 degrees for well-rounded cleaning.
In addition to its strong cleaning capabilities, SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush has 4 cleaning modes to satisfy different needs. The cleaning mode is great for daily cleaning. The sensitive mode is ideal for those who have inflammation or sensitive teeth. Gentle mode is better for first-timers to get used to the vibrations. Lastly, the polishing mode is for those who want to whiten teeth and remove stubborn stains.
SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush is IPX7 waterproof so it is safe to use and easy to clean. In addition, there are non-slip grips to hold the toothbrush and prevent slipping.
Overall, SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush is a very competitive product compared to other brands and it is a great tool to use for only 2 minutes a day for healthier oral health."
The above is one of our customer feedbacks. If you are interested in one, you can purchase one directly at

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